Thursday, 25 June 2015

How Big Is Your Yarn Stash?

AAHHH! The age old secret of every knitter, quilter and crafter.

 The new knitter doesn't buy any more yarn then they need, they swear they will never be one of " those" people who has a huge yarn stash. Then before they know it they have yarn over flowing out of their knitting basket and they have to upgrade to something bigger and they comes the " yarn cabinet" because the dresser drawer they were using is now to crammed full. Then before they know it they have become "one of those" people with the huge yarn stash. Just like mine:

I would love to say this is my only basket of yarn I have but then I would be lying:

Just in case your yarn stash isn't big enough The Knitting Basket has a Table sale going on until the end of June. One example of the yarns on sale is Rowan Revive (select colour on sale)  The is a beautiful yarn all made out of recycled silk, cotton and viscose.

Here is a simple pattern that can be made from this yarn.

Your secret is safe with me, how big is your yarn stash?


  1. I am beginning to have a stash of yarn, despite swearing up and down I wouldn't go down that path...........

  2. Bigger than I even imagined it would be. But when yarn goes on special and is heavily reduced what can one do but, buy buy buy lol

  3. Let's just say my stash is my daughter's inheritance! She will appreciate it since she is a knitter too.

  4. I am a quilter, and a friend of Gill's. I sometimes wish I was a knitter, but then think I need another hobby like I need another hole in my head.

    I will say though, that I did buy a lot of fabric when I worked, knowing that when husband retired and I quit work that I would not be able to just go buy what ever I wanted.

    However, I still buy a lot!

  5. Let's just say my stash is huge although it isn't wool it is material. We are all the same I think, don't you?