Thursday, 25 June 2015

How Big Is Your Yarn Stash?

AAHHH! The age old secret of every knitter, quilter and crafter.

 The new knitter doesn't buy any more yarn then they need, they swear they will never be one of " those" people who has a huge yarn stash. Then before they know it they have yarn over flowing out of their knitting basket and they have to upgrade to something bigger and they comes the " yarn cabinet" because the dresser drawer they were using is now to crammed full. Then before they know it they have become "one of those" people with the huge yarn stash. Just like mine:

I would love to say this is my only basket of yarn I have but then I would be lying:

Just in case your yarn stash isn't big enough The Knitting Basket has a Table sale going on until the end of June. One example of the yarns on sale is Rowan Revive (select colour on sale)  The is a beautiful yarn all made out of recycled silk, cotton and viscose.

Here is a simple pattern that can be made from this yarn.

Your secret is safe with me, how big is your yarn stash?

Friday, 19 June 2015

Whose In The Garden With Grace?

The next Sale featured yarn of the Month 
Grace by Patons

This mercerized cotton was very nice to work with you could make many a summer tank top with it.
I made a baby hat for example purposes the basic pattern came from this patter that can be found here.  To add a bit of interest I added this simple flag pattern to it. I want to mention that I start with a basic pattern and start adding or taking things. So my hat could  be very different from the basic pattern. It all happens on a whim as I am knitting it tells me what it wants to become. There is no rhyme or reason just as the spirit moves me. It just "feels" right.  In the future I do hope to add all these patterns that at one point or another have been modified by yours truly. I have them all tucked away in what I call " the vault"
I have big dreams of one day creating a book of all tried and true patterns from the vault. lol


I found a very well written pattern that is yarn would work with. The pattern for that can be found here    5737648108_0ab03487a6_n
There a nice selection to pick from and I think the possibilities for this yarn are endless for summer knitting.The yarn is on sale, first come first serve.  I do hope you can pop by and take a look . 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Case

Just want to keep you in the loop - I have much going on in my life and I am feel blogging once a week is right on the mark for me. I'm thinking Thursdays
I will be as entertaining as ever - I promise!

So without further ado, Let's talk about the carrying cases in the shop. I realize I have spoke about the cases before but I don't feel I did it justice. 

I took this picture to show you that the black material down the back of the case is actually a handle. It makes so easy to just pick up your case and go. I have done so on many occasions for example heading to my parents for the weekend and know I going to knit something. ( you know the saying - have yarn will travel) lol I know that's not right but I'm going with it. :) 

Once opened, the picture on the top you can see the needle gauge (that comes with every case) The picture on the bottom is my actual case and I like to keep my odds and ends in the same little pouch with the gauge.

This case is nice and new with it pockets  waiting to be fill with all of your knitting supplies. I find the little strip of posty notes very handy for drawing attention to areas of a pattern you may have adjusted and I like to put little notes in my pouches so I know what project these needles are occupied with. I try to only have two projects on the go but I can assure you that doesn't hold true for very long.


Not all of the cases have this option but can easily be added.
There is a place to put patterns , notes or even the beginnings of a pattern in the works. That does not mean it will put the end to patterns here and there but it will help with where the pattern your working from is. All safe and sound in the case until you need. it

This is mine all loaded up and ready to go were ever I do.
Now,  now, I feel I have done a
 proficient job on giving you the carrying case tour. I hope you have enjoyed touring with The Knitting Basket. :) 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Just a Dream

One of the featured yarns for this month is:

Dream in Color the Calm and Classy yarn line.

There are great savings to be had on this yarn. This yarn is perfect for knitting beautiful winter hats and mittens. For example, look at the gorgeous hat I knit using this yarn and this pattern.

To see the assortment of Dream in Color yarns in stock please pop in. The Knitting Basket is open from Tuesday to Saturday 10 am until 5 pm 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

June Already!


With the  start of a new month, means the  beginning of a new Sale For The Knitting Basket
Each Tuesday there will be different yarns featured that are discounted along with project patterns to inspire you to create. 


The womens 2015 FIFA  world cup of soccer begins this week. Why not knit a scarf with the colours of your favourite team. GO CANADA!

You can find this pattern on Ravelry