Thursday, 2 July 2015

There are Monster's in The Knitting Basket..........

 in the garden:

Isn't she just so stinking cute? 

She was so simple to make using this pattern.

They can be made in all shapes and sizes, customized to suit what ever occasion, and best of all they use very little yarn.   Imagine giving them out to little Trick or Treater's at Halloween?  Or in the Christmas Stockings; even the older kids would love them in their team colours.  The possibilities are endless and best of all they put a smile on your face.

I made her using the yarn below:

At the moment, The Escape, Wool Rich Chunky yarn is on special at The Knitting Basket, and it's a 51% Wool and 49% Acrylic yarn which is perfect for this project.  We have limited quantities, but imagine what you could make with it.  We also have lots and lots of other yarn that would be suitable for this project.  Just pop by The Knitting Basket and see what tickles your fancy!!

Just to get you in the mood, do you remember this song?


  1. she is cute and that pattern looks easy to follow

  2. Have just put that pattern into my iBooks. Will definitely have to give it a go. I loved the groovy goolies growing up. Lol,