Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Basic Knitting Kit

I have been Knitting for a very long time and for those just starting out I can only imagine that it might be a tad bit overwhelming. I am here to tell you - you don't need all the notions and every size of needle going when you first start out.
 I have here is what I would call the very basics - needles correct size for your project, yarn , a measuring tape, scissors, pen and note book to write down any notes about the pattern your working on. Oh and lastly a sewing needle to put your project together.

Now if you like to knit at night and your eyes tire quickly or it's hard to see I have a head lamp in my bag of knitting tricks. I will admit, I do have people giving me the double look but I love my headlamp. I can see if I was sitting outside on a sunny day.

As knitting projects roll by your basic kit will grow.
This is a picture of my everything you could ever need for knitting binder/brief case.
It was made by a mother daughter team called Hugli designs. It has been worth every penny.
There is a handle on the case - I just zip up and go to my next knitting destination with all my knitting needs in one place.

No matter what is in your knitting kit even if your in a pinch and knit with chop sticks . It gets the job done . The point is just knit. It's good for you