Tuesday, 19 May 2015

An introduction.........

Welcome to The Knitting Basket Blog..

I would like to thank each of you who popped over from Gill's blog.  Your kind words are encouraging and Give me hope that this old girl can still learn new tricks..lol

As you have likely guessed My name isn't really The Knitting Basket - So here goes , let me tell you all a bit about me. I am Angie Thompson.

I live in Ontario Canada, married and have two beautiful daughters who have been my life's work. As it happens for us all at some point in out child rearing years - they don't need mom as much. They are strong, confident young ladies pretty much ready to spread their wings and fly.  That doesn't mean as soon as they leave the house for the day I am going to change the locks on the doors -oh goodness no. If I had my way I would keep them here for as long as I can. But it seems there are laws against that! lol 

So with that I needed something for me hence The Knitting Basket came about. I have always loved colour and colours.
As a young girl I enjoyed geography class....ooh all the pretty blues to colour the maps. As I got older and my husband and I had our first home - I used it as my own personal colouring book. My Kitchen was cantaloupe orange and baby blue-ish, our main bathroom was neon yellow,  boy those were the days. Once I ran out of rooms to paint, I'd paint everyone elses homes and from that I just started collecting cans of paint. I know right! If you can imagine a basement work space filled with cans of paint. That was back in the day when you didn't need to decide if you wanted to create or eat. Paint has gotten fairly pricey over the years alas to this day I have a closet filled with cans of paint. 

It seemed like the natural step to yarn. Ooh all the BEAUTIFUL colours - so so so many choices. I love it!

On cloudy/rainy grey days I walk into my shop and all these bright cheery faces there to greet me; I don't know if I mentioned but The Knitting Basket is attached to my home. 
Just in case you are wondering, when you get out of the car at the front of the house, the photos are what you will see on your way around to the store.......


  1. had a good time today, thanks for hosting...

  2. I loved your introduction! I'm also a lover of all things colourful. love bright yarns and cottons in all colours of the rainbow :) Thank you for sharing your photos of The knitting basket, it's really nice to see where Gill goes to do her knitting.

  3. Awesome first post Angie, wishing you many more, and many many followers.

  4. Awesome first post Angie, wishing you much success on your blog, and many many new followers. Looking forward to reading more posts.


  5. Wonderful pictures. I grew up in northern Ont. Great post!

  6. I recently have taken up knitting again at my local senior center. Such a lot of fun with these ladies. They are so talented in their work and creativity. Wishing you lots of friends and good luck with The Knitting Basket.....Bess From MA

  7. I loved hearing about your life...and liked the photos. We have two daughters....one is a couple hours away. and one is about 2000 miles away....and we have one granddaughter.

  8. Congrats on the blog Angie! Looking forward many more posts!!